Board of Directors

Board of Directors


Chair, Mr. Chris Churney
Detective, Major Crime Section
London Police Service
4th year on the Board

Past Chair, Mr. Fred Blaak
EVP Risk & Corporate Services
Corporate Secretary | Coach
Libro Credit Union
6th year on the Board

Vice Chair, M. Jean Marc Boisvenue
Agent de planification/Planning Officer
Entité de planification des services de santé en français
Erie St. Clair/Sud-Ouest
2nd year on the Board

Treasurer, Ms. Deanna Baldwin
1st year on the Board

Secretary, Ms. Loretta Hillier
Healthcare Service Research and Evaluation Consultant
Self -Employed
3rd year on the Board



Mr. Angelo C. D'Ascanio
Partner, Advocates LLP
2nd year on the Board

Ms. Jan De Rose
May Court Club of London Representative
4th year on the Board

Ms. Diana Lloyd
Retired, Paediatric Occupational Therapist
5th year on the Board

Ms. Anne Armstrong

1st year on the Board

Ms. Dawn-Estelle Miskokomon

WaWaSay Guhmee Kwe (translated: Shimmery Shiny Lake Woman) is an Anishinaabe Kwe of the Mishiikeh' Dodaymwag (translated: Turtle Clans) from Woweyatanong Territory. Dawn-Estelle Miskokomon is a committed role model to actioning cultural values, beliefs, concepts and teachings into her Way of Life.

Dawn-Estelle is passionate about her role as a mother to her three young children and is recognized for her approach to advocating a First Nation Culture Based Methodology to her life work with Anishinaabe children, families and communities. Dawn-Estelle has practical experience in transforming Anishinaabe cultural concepts, principles and mandates into Community Development work. To the people she has worked with, Dawn-Estelle is recognized for her leadership, team ethics and perceptive communication & writing skills. Dawn-Estelle continues to fuse her life-long learning in the field of traditional knowledge; the ojibwe language; community development; childhood and cultural discourse analysis

1st year on the Board