If You Have a Complaint...

If You Have a Complaint...

Families and Vanier

Working in Partnership to Solve Problems

At Vanier, we believe the children and families we work with deserve the best possible services.  We work hard to make sure the help we give is professional, and it is offered in a way that respects the rights and individual needs of each child and family we see.

We know there are times that a child, family or community professional may not be fully satisfied with our services.  When this happens, we encourage you to let us know.  We have a complaint procedure that you can use to let us know when there is a problem (ie. service complaint, violation of use of personal health information, client rights violation etc.).  We will work with you to find a solution:

Step One:

You can let your worker know you want to use our complaint procedure.  He/She will listen to your concern, discuss the problem with you, and suggest ways to solve the difficulty.  If this does not help, you can ask to speak to a Team Leader or Supervisor.  Your worker will encourage you to do this, and will let the Supervisor know you want to sepak to him/her.

Step Two:

A Supervisor will call you within five working days.  He/She will talk to you about your point of view, and your wishes.  He/She will offer ideas about how the problem can be solved. If you do not agree with his/her ideas, you can ask to speak to a Director.  The Supervisor will let that person know you want to discuss a problem.

Step Three:

You can expect to hear from a Director within three working days.  Again, there will be a discussion and some suggestions about how to solve the problem.  If this still doesn't help there is one more person you can talk with, the Executive Director.

Step Four:

The Executive Director will call you within two working days, to set up a meeting.  The Executive Director will listen to your concerns, and will make a decision about the best way to solve the problem.

We hope you will feel comfortable to talk to us about your concern.  We want to work with you to sort out disagreements, and to listen to your concern.  If you have tried to solve the problem with us, or you do not feel secure discussing your concern with us directly, there are other choices you can make.  You can contact one of the following:

Area Manager
Ministry of Children & Youth Services
217 York Street
London, ON     N6A 1B7
Phone:  519-438-5111

Office of the Provincial Advocate for Children & Youth
2200 - 401 Bay Street
Toronto, ON     M7A 0A6
Phone: 416-325-5669   Toll free:  1-800-263-2841
Fax:  416-325-5681   TTY:  416-325-2648


Leo Desjardins
Director of Clinical Services

Nancy Miller
Director of Intensive Services

Joanne Sherin
Executive Director