Wendy Olson 2013

Wendy Olson 2013

Nurturing and advocating for children and youth in our community who are in need of social, physical or emotional support is the Mission Statement of the May Court Club of London.

In reading about the nominee for the May Court Award, these words were truly indicative of how this individual views their role both inside the classroom and in life!  Making a difference in the health and happiness of children and youth in our community is not only the Vision of the May Court Club of London but appears to be the model in which this teacher lives her life.

Wendy Olson is a teacher, mentor and great supporter of everyone whom she meets.  She is truly deserving of this award.  Wendy works as a teacher at W.D. Sutton School.  That is putting it mildly!  In reading about her from her peers, a teacher seems to be only one of her many roles within the school.  She wears several hats as she assists with families and agencies to provide the best care and directin for her students.  She may be talking to home schools or social workers to help the parents navigate the complex world of exceptional children.  Wendy has also been a great resource for the teachers within Sutton as well as many schools within the system to help them assist with the learning needs of these children with special needs.

She is truly the "go to" teacher as she has helped facilitate new programs within the school.  She assists with teacher training and has set up the smart board systems for each classroom.  Wendy has been instrumental in bringing vocal and instrumental music including drumming to enrich the lives of her students.

Safety is something these students don't feel freely but spending time with teacher Wendy allows them to be safe and thus be able to learn to the best of their ability.  Wendy is able to bring the best out of every child, regardless of the circumstances they have come from.  It is a tribute to see that students who were unable to stay within a classroom for more than an hour are able to go to their community school and not only remain in school but to excel both academically and socially.

Wendy has been given a gift of caring.  She is an exceptional teacher who believes each child has the ability to grow and blossom with the correct environment.  She attempts in her creative way to provide students with these opportunities on a daily basis.  Whether there are learning disabilities or behavioural issues, Wendy shows respect and caring for her students.  She is truly a role model for the other teachers in the school who come to her for guidance and assistance to emulate her skills.

Wendy will be leaving the W.D. Sutton School at the end of June 2013.  I am sure the staff is sad to have her leave them but I know they all have been enriched by her presence these past years.

The Thames Vally District School Board is now excited awaiting the arrival of Wendy Olson.  She will be able to share her knowledge even more as she interacts and helps many teachers at the Board.  They are blessed to have such a mentor and resource to assist with the teaching and understanding of children who come to school dealing with both emotional and behavioural issues.

It gives me great pleasure to present this May Court Club of London Award to Wendy Olson for her outstanding work with children.

Congratulations Wendy!!!!

Sally Zandri - The May Court Club of London