HOPE - Helping Other Parents Excel

HOPE - Helping Other Parents Excel

Any child takes love, commitment and many personal, social and material resources. Parenting a child with emotional and behavioural problems adds stress.

Only another parent who is faced with similar challenges can really understand what this is really like.

How does HOPE work?

HOPE is run by parents for parents. We believe that parents have unique insights and valuable experiences that complement the expertise of professionals.

We offer the following parent-to-parent services:

  • telephone helpline
  • crisis support and information
  • support groups

Is HOPE for you?

  • Do you often feel overwhelmed, isolated or frustrated with your children?
  • Are you worried that help for your child can't come soon enough?
  • Has a set back left you feeling hopeless?
  • Do you feel that you have successfully overcome challenges that you have faced?

Volunteer with HOPE

We're always looking for more parents to share their hope with other parents. HOPE can provide mentor training.

We need more parents to help with:

  • telephone support line
  • individual one-to-one support
  • parent support groups
  • special events
  • using your talents in other ways (let us know!)

For information, contact Laura

About HOPE

HOPE began in September 2000 thanks to a generous grant from the London Community Foundation that supported the development of the program through its first two years.
Since then, the program has been financed through generous donations.