0-6 Years

0-6 Years

Early Years Team

  • Who we help?
  • Family Therapy
  • Services in collaboration with the other community agencies
  • Resources available to parents while waiting for services
  • How can I access Early Years Services at Vanier?

Who We Help?

Early Years Team serves children 0 - 6 and their families who may be experiencing or at risk for serious difficulties including; anxiety, emotion regulation issues, attachment concerns, trauma, poor peer relationships, school adaptation, sleep isssues, aggression and tantrums.

Mom and baby

The Early Years Team works with children (aged birth to 6 years) and their families. Call us if...

  • You would like to improve your relationship with your child.
  • Your baby or young child is struggling with eating or sleeping, and health concerns have been ruled out.
  • You are worried about your child's emotional state.
  • You are worried about your child's behavioural functioning.
  • Your child is struggling emotionally or behaviourally.
  • Your child has experienced abuse or trauma.

When sad, angry, worried or defiant behaviours last a long time, increase in frequency and intensity and/or present as an immediate risk to the child or others, it may be a sign of a bigger problem...we can help.

Family Therapy

1 - 3 Sessions (Family Therapy Brief Service)

Vanier can provide families with immediate, responsive thereapeutic intervention that either meets their treatment needs or assists in stabilizing the family until further services are able to be offered. Some families may benefit from shorter service involvement and do not require more intensive services. Early Years Team Child and Family Therapists can provide up to 3 therapy sessions for those who would benefit from this service. Intake workers can assist in helping parents determine if brief service would be beneficial to their family and situaition.

Ongoing Family Therapy

Early Years services start when the family is assigned to a Child and Family Therapist.

The therapist works with each family to develop an understanding of the child and family and what the family hopes to achieve through service. Families will meet with their therapist at Vanier. Through family therapy, family members can learn to improve their interactions with each other.

Parents learn through therapy to undertand their children's cues and behaviour in order to strengthen the child/parent relationship. Through the child/parent relationship the child learns to feel secure and regulate their emotions.

Early Years Team provides strength-based interventions that reflect best practices for children age 0-6. We also can help establish linkages and appropriate supports for the family within the community.

Your therapist may also incorporate other services that are available based upon your family's needs and goals of service and include:

  • Assessment/Family Therapy
  • Intensive Family Services (IFS)
  • Parent and/or children's groups
  • Early Intervention Program (EIP)
  • Other Services (specialized assessment)

Intensive Family Services (IFS)

IFS is a brief (8-12 weeks), intensive, in-home intervention. In addition to providing family support, IFS can help families work on speciific goals such as establishing clear expectations for children, and improving behaviour management strategies, structure and routines.


Depending upon your availability and the age of your child, your therapist may recommend a group for you and/or your family. Groups are provided to address children's emotions and behaviour, child-parent relationship concerns, parenting, and parent trauma.

We offer Circle of Security Parent groups for parents. Circle of Security is designed to teach parents new ways to understand their children's needs and behaviours in order to effectively respond to these needs and behaviours.

Early Years clients may also benefit from other groups offered at the agency. Groups that focus on helping participants understand the impact of their trauma on their parenting or becoming a caring dad is offered.

Intensive Early Intervention Program (EIP)

EIP is an intensive therapeutic program suitable for children in the JK/SK age range who are struggling significantly to function in group settings (school and/or daycare). The program runs half-days. The focus of the program is to improve emotional, behavioural and social functioning and is staffed by a multidisciplinary team.

Families may have the opportunity to access specialized assessment or consultation for their child, such as:

  • Psychological assessment or consultation
  • Psychiatric assessment or consultation

Resources available to parents while waiting for services

Circle of Security Workshops and groups...

Our team is trained in Circle of Security framework, an evidenced based approach to parenting that helps Caregivers understand both what their children's behaviour is telling them about their children's needs, and how to respond effectively. Research and experience tells us that regardless of a child's issues, when parents can "see what is in plain sight" and read their children's cues and miscues, they are in a better position to help their child. Chircle of Security Parenting helps parents self reflect and understand the impact of their own hehaviour and feelings on their child's behaviour.

Workshops and Groups run several times throughout the year. Groups are 8 sessions in duration. Parents who attend these groups and workshops while waiting for Early Years service will become familiar with the philosophy and language we use on the Early Years Team. In addition, it will provide caregivers with insights and strategies while they wait for services. C-IT Intake workers can assist in making referrals for the workshops or groups.

How can I access Early Years Team Services at Vanier?

If you have concerns about your child, don't "wait and see". All families interested in or wondering about services can start by calling the Crisis-Intake Team (C-IT) at 519-433-0334. When clients call C-IT they will receive an immediate response when in crisis. C-IT is available 24/7


Child holding hand


There are no fees for Early Years services.