7-14 Years

7-14 Years

Vanier Children's Services offers Community Services for children age 7-14 Years living in London and Middlesex

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How we help

Services offered help families increase their positive interactions in order to improve child and family functioning.

The following continuum of service is available;

Intensive Family Services (IFS)

  • Brief, intensive, in-home intervention for famiies.
  • The program provides a wide range of goal-directed, intensive treatment options to meet the needs of families, including;

√ Individual parent skill-building

√ Facilitate access to child/youth skill building groups and parenting groups

√ Crisis management and safety planning

√ Accessing informal support in the community to support the family

Family Therapy

  • Family Therapy services utilize brief family therapy models that build on the belief that families have the strength to solve their own problems and that the working relationship between the family and the therapist is equal and enabling.
  • Family Therapy is offered either by a Child and Family Therapist or an intern who is part of the "Focused Family Therapy Training Program".
  • Vanier offers 2 types of family therapy services:

Family Therapy (1-3 sessions)

  • Families receive 1-3 sessions shortly after completing an intake assessment
  • At the completion of this service, the family and the therapist identify if further  services would be beneficial.

Family Therapy (up to 12 sessions)

  • After an intake assessment is completed, families may be placed on the waiting list for this service.

Group Services


The Kid-to-Kid Group is an 8-week program for children aged 7 - 14 and their caregivers who have a family member living with mental illness. Children attend the child group and the caregivers participate in a parent group that is offered at the same time. This group is offered at our offices in London.

The goals of this program include;

  • Provide a safe setting for group members to openly discuss their concerns or issues
  • For the caregivers and children to enhance their understanding of mental illness and connect with other children who may be facing similar issues
  • Enhance coping and self-care strategies

Caring Dads

  • Vanier demonstrates the belief that fathers can and want to be a positive influence in the lives of their children. Positivley involved fathers enhance their children's academic, personal, and social development. We know that fathers do not want to repeat negative father behaviours/patterns that they may have experienced as children. Click here for more information.
  • Caring Dads is a 12-17 week group that aims to:
  • Engage fathers
  • To help them develop more child centered fathering
  • And to take responsibility for ending their abusive behaviour towards their children and their children's mothers

Managing Emotions Group

  • This 10 week group is offered to children between the ages of 8 - 12 who would like to learn to better understand and manage their emotions and learn relaxation and problem-solving skills.
  • The caregivers participate in a "Positive Parenting Program" group (Triple P) that is offered at the same time as the Managing Emotions children's group.
  • Managing Emotions is a group for children that will help them to:
    • Improve their emotional literacy and empathy skills
    • Teach skills to more effectively manager their emotions
    • Increase emotional resilience and problem solving abilities

Positive Parenting Program (Triple P)

  • This group is for caregivers of children participating in the Managing Emotions group.
  • The goals of this group are;
    • To promote the independence and health of families by enhancing parents' knowledge, skills and confidence
    • To promote the development of non-violent, protective and nurturing environments for children and adolescents
    • To promote the development, growth, health and social competence of children of all ages
    • To reduce the incidence of child abuse, mental illness, behavioural problems, delinquency and homelessness
    • To enhance the competence, resourcefulness and self-sufficiency of parents in raising their children

Who is eligible?

  • families in London-Middlesex who are experiencing serious relationship and/or behavioural difficulties

A "sliding fee scale" ($15.00 - $75.00/session) is in effect for clients to access Focused Family Therapy, London services only. Determination of appropriate fees occurs at intake.

No family will be denied service based on their inability to make a contribution.

Services d'accueil aussi disponible en francais: 519-433-3101, poste #228.