Crisis Intake Team

Crisis Intake Team

Welcome to CIT!

CIT is a 24/7 Crisis Support Services and Intake team for:

  • Vanier Children's Services   ages 0-14 or up to 15th birthday
  • WAYS Mental Health Support  ages 13-18
  • Craigwood Children, Youth and Family Services  12-18
  • Wellkin Child & Youth Mental Wellness   ages 0-18

Call 519-433-0334 anytime day or night.

How we help

When you call CIT, you will:

  • receive immediate response when you are in crisis and a timely response for intake to child and youth services
  • receive written action and safety plans that are individualized and specific
  • be informed about services for which you are eligible
  • receive assistance in choosing and accessing services
  • receive support while waiting for other services to begin

Who we are

The Crisis and Intake Team is a collaboration between four agencies in London, Middlesex County and Oxford/Elgin Counties. Experienced child and youth counsellors provide a single point of access to two important services for children and youth:

  • Crisis Response and 24/7 telephone support with follow-up counselling in urgent situations.
  • Intake screening and initial assessment for family counselling, parent/child groups, in-home supports, RAPP, francophone services at Vanier. Other non-residential services are available at Craigwood Youth Services and WAYS Mental Health Support.
  • TAPP-C (The Arson Prevention Program for Children and Youth) is an assessment and treatment service for children and youth ages 2-17 years who set fires or play with matches or lighters.

Who is eligible?

Children and Youth from 0 to 18 yrs of age and their parents/guardians residing in London-Middlesex County.

CIT is free.


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