For over 50 years, Vanier has assisted professionals in their work with families who are raising children with mental health concerns.

Vanier provides a range of multi-disciplinary outpatient services to residents of the London-Middlesex community. We support children 0-14 years, and their families, through individualized treatment plans based on comprehensive assessments of each child's strengths and areas of need.

Vanier is an accredited children's mental health treatment centre. Our staff includes Child & Family Therapists, Child Psychologists, Psychiatry and Child & Youth Counsellors.


How to make a referral

CIT can provide assistance with timely referral and crisis-management. Our experienced staff can provide helpful ideas about approaching a mental health crisis. We will inform you about our intake process and will give you tips on how to guide your family to our door.

To make a referral, call CIT 519-433-0334

HOPE for families

Tell your families about HOPE (Helping Other Parents Excel). HOPE is a parent-to-parent resource housed at Vanier. HOPE is an excellent support for families and offers a range of services including: trained parent mentors, child advocacy supports, one-to-one and group supports, and a parent helpline.

To contact HOPE, call 519-433-3101.

Training in Children's Mental Health

Vanier offers intensive training for professionals who want to enhance their skills in children's mental health service provision.

The Focused Family Therapy Program supports families earlier in their cycle of difficulties using a brief (12 session) solution-focused model.

In exchange for individual supervision and group seminars, professionals and students volunteer their time to work with Vanier families.

Ontario Association of Marriage & Family Therapy (OAMFT) clinical credits are also available in this program.  

The Focused Family Therapy Program is an excellent way to gain valuable Canadian work experience to complement training/ experience gained outside of Canada!!