Kid-to-Kid Facilitator's Guide

Kid-to-Kid Facilitator's Guide

"I worry about my mom (or dad) cause she stays in bed  all day and cries a lot."

"Would your agency like to provide more child-friendly services for kids who have a loved one with a mental illness?

The "Kid-to-Kid Group" at Vanier Children's Services is an excellent group resource guide and can be purchased for only $50.00!!! All proceeds for this Facilitator's Guide directly support "Kid-to-Kid Groups" at Vanier Children's Services.

For additional information/supports regarding the provision of these services, contact Leo Desjardins, Director of Clinical Services or (519) 433-3101 Ext. 143.

The "Kid-to-Kid" group addresses an important service gap previously identified by those working in both the Children's and Adult Mental Health sectors.  Often children's needs in coping with a family member's mental illness have been overlooked in the delivery of a spectrum of supports made available to the affected adults.  Many children who receive mental health services reside with/have access to parents/step-parents/siblings/grandparents with an identified mental illness (i.e. depression, bi-polar disorder, personality disorders, generalized anxiety/panic disorder, post traumatic stress and/or psychosis secondary to illnesses such as schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorders).  These circumstances can cause serious stress for the entire family and especially for children who tend to internalize family dysfunction, communication and relationship challenges. Children often assign blame to themselves for family difficulties.  Other family members may not recognize or have the insight to acknowledge this impact on their children.  Many of these children suffer in silence.  Few people may be aware that a parent or caregiver is struggling with distressing symptoms and a health situation could have an effect on the parenting of their children.

The development of the KID-TO-KID GROUP FACILITATOR'S GUIDE was made possible through a grant from the London Community Foundation in 2006.

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