10 Reasons to Work at Vanier

1. All hands on deck!

We value a work ethic where there is a willingness for each person to do his/her part, share the load, contribute to teamwork and not expect that others will do the work. We expect everyone to be a leader and a good role model in carrying their own load.

2. It's not about you!

When we have a different viewpoint from others we will try to resolve conflicts by focusing on the issues not on the person. We will strive not to be critical, putting down or make personal comments. Instead we will strive to be objective and in turn, we expect that others will be receptive. When we give performance feedback, we will try to make it specific and constructive. We will develop a culture of blame free debriefing

3. Laugh, play grow!

It's about having a sense of fun, humour and playfulness in our work! We will strive to have fun together and enjoy our work. We do not laugh at others but with others.

4. Don't judge a book by its cover!

We believe that there's much more to a person than their appearance and we do not judge people by skin colour, ethnicity, gender or other superficial characteristics. We expect the best in people not the worst.

5. Look after yourself, look after others and look after this place!

We recognize that we are at risk of burning out because of the stressful nature of our work. In order to prevent this, we must practice self-care on a regular basis; we must look out for each other and take some responsibility for caring for the environment in which we work.

6. Sticks and Stones and Words hurt me!

We value assertiveness in people but not aggressiveness. There are many forms of aggression other than physical. We discourage gossip and unfounded rumor. We understand that words can be hurtful.

7. There's no U in win; no I in team!

We are more effective if we work as a team. If we help others to do their work, others will do the same for us when the time comes. We all like to receive recognition for a job well done. A quick word of praise or thanks for a colleague goes a long way. Coming to work with a positive attitude helps us to do your work better and helps our colleagues. Be a member of the dream team and not the scream team! We will all stick together in times of stress and that it's a case of one for all and all for one.

8. Being the best we can be!

We strive to select the best and to continue to grow and develop our staff. We recognize and encourage high performance. We celebrate success and achievement.

9. Get Real!

Sometimes others have unrealistic expectations of us and we also have unrealistic expectations of ourselves. We need to realize that we can't do it all; we can't be all things to all people.We can't be a Jack/Jill of all trades and master/mistress of none. It's o.k. to do a good job of what we can do in a day.

10. The best policy!

We expect all our staff to show honesty and integrity in all their dealings. This means doing the right thing, being transparent and having no hidden agendas.