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Vanier’s Service Delivery Framework

Vanier’s Service Delivery Framework is evidence informed. It was developed in review of related literature and the practice wisdom of staff, in consultation with families.  It is to be updated as new evidence is available. The purpose of the framework is to have a common approach, across all programs, in our work with infants, children and their families. The following diagram outlines our framework:

Vanier’s “3 R’s” (Resiliency, Regulation and Relationships) reflect what we focus on growing while we offer services. Knowledge related to the impact of childhood adverse life experiences on brain development is integrated into our understanding of a child’s emotional and physical response to stress. Our interventions are focused on strengthening relationships to support the child in co-regulating their emotions with their parent / caregiver. At the core of framework is “healing centered engagement’. Providing families and individuals opportunities for meaning making through interventions that empower them, while identifying issues of oppression and discrimination is critical as our families work towards their goals. The key concepts / approaches that are integrated within this framework include, but are not limited to;

  1. Brain Science and impact of “toxic stress”
  2. Nervous system and the stress response
  3. Circle of Security ©
  4. Attachment theory
  5. Child and youth resilience factors
  6. Anti-Colonial, Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppressive Practices
  7. Trauma informed practices and Healing Centered engagement

Vanier’s “Statement of Commitment” to families is:

Vanier is committed to helping you:

  • be and feel safe
  • be respected and treated fairly, regardless of your race, sex, culture, religion, mental or physical abilities, class or economic position, sexual orientation or diagnosis
  • be heard and have your needs, wishes, values, beliefs and experiences respected
  • be informed about the possible risks and benefits of all services and treatment options, including anticipated outcomes
  • have the limits of confidentiality explained to you in a way you understand and know your personal information (paper and electronic) will be kept secure and confidential
  • be given the option to consent or to decline to participate in research that Vanier might be involved in, and to know that if you decline this will not affect your involvement in services
  • be consulted and express your views about important decisions that affect you and your family
  • be actively involved in treatment programming for you and your family
  • withdraw consent for services at any time
  • have information provided to you in a way that you understand, including with an interpreter if language keeps you from becoming involved in services
  • as guardian, to receive a copy of all the reports created about your child and your family
  • ask about other places in the community that could help your child and family
  • integrate your cultural practices, beliefs and values into our work together
  • receive quality services from qualified professionals and be informed of their credentials
  • restrict specific Vanier employees from access to your confidential information (if you ask)
  • be informed of the Vanier complaint procedure

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Our agency is concerned about the privacy of your information. We caution against sharing sensitive matters through our website. It is possible that our e-mail messages may be diverted or read by others not intended by you or by us. In-person or telephone communication should be used instead of e-mail to discuss sensitive matters. E-mails sent and received are retained in client records within a secure electronic database. If you need immediate assistance, contact our Tandem Team at 519-433-0334.