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Tanner Smith became a Vanier client in the year 2000 - when he was only 5 years old.  Over the next decade, he participated in Early Years summer camp, attended the Family School Team's off-campus classroom and entered Residential programming.  Eventually diagnosed with a Bipolar Disorder, Vanier stopped being the place where Tanner's primary clinical needs were met, however, Tanner and his family continued to work with the agency by continuing to participate in supportive services, such as respite opportunities and skills groups.  Over the years, he frequently returned to visit staff and his family always remained grateful to Vanier for the services that had been provided. Receiving no Vanier services since 2009, Tanner has been remarkably successful.  Currently in high school, Tanner is passing all classes and has an active social life.  In addition, shortly before being nominated for this award, Tanner approached the School Board and requested to be demitted from his specialty programming as he no longer felt it was needed. As the minimum age for a "Wing" is 16, Tanner is the youngest recipient of this award to date.
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